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Which Way Do We Go?

Over the Christmas break several family members were eager to hear about how our trip planning was coming along. The answer to this question has changed several times since we first broke the news of our extended honeymoon. There was a time when we considered going directly to England, working there for the summer and then beginning our journey down into Africa , and continuing East…but my, how things have changed!


I think as time went on, we got antsy and wanted to plunge right into one of the more exotic locales on our wish list. This fostered a new plan that had us starting our trip in Central and South America. As we worked on designing this new itinerary, we did some research to see which direction would be cheapest once we had exhausted our time in South America. Without a doubt, the airline tickets going from SA to England were way cheaper than the following other options: Australia, Morocco and South Africa (not exactly a shocker on that one).


Admittedly, Skott and I are each a little spendy-spendy, but we’ve both agreed that I should lead the management of our RTW funds-after all, I’m Scottish and I’m not afraid to eat wieners and beans for supper several nights in a row if it means saving a buck or two. So for me, the cost savings of heading from SA to England sealed the deal. Perfect. We had a plan. We would start in Guatemala, take Spanish lessons and explore for a month. Eventually we would head to South America, onward to Europe (spending a limited amount of time there because it’s more expensive), down into Africa, dabble around the Middle East (with hopes of exploring Lebanon and Serbia) and continue eastward through India, Southeast Asia and finally to Australia. Ahhh…but it’s not that simple.


The more we looked into it, the more we realized that if we considered some alternative modes of transportation, there were many more options. One fellow RTW traveler suggested taking a boat from South America to Australia and mentioned some super cool stopovers like Tahiti. Another idea was to go to Central America first but then take advantage of a cruise leaving the Caribbean en route to Europe. This would mean South America would become our last destination. So many options!! True to Skott and Shawna form, we might just end up leaving it to chance! Votes?? Suggestions?? Maybe it all comes down to flipping a coin…heads Canberra, tails Canterbury?

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One Response to “Which Way Do We Go?”

  1. Kim April 16, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

    Oh, I so totally understand! There are so many options! We are still months and months away from leaving but my favorite thing to do is daydream about all of our choices. We originally thought we would start in NZ but it’s looking more and more like somewhere in South America will be our first stop.
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