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Thanks so much for stopping in!

Most of the structure of this site is pretty self-explanatory (trust us, we are not that complicated), but regardless, let’s take a quick tour…

If this is your first time here, be sure to visit the About section, and learn a little more about who Skott and Shawna really are, as well as what this blog is all about! If we happen to write any guest posts or if we are ever interviewed, you can see those here as well.

Planning means, well…um planning, and any of our pre-trip thoughts, ideas, itineraries, reflections, and such should all be found here.

Once our travels begin, we will try to organize our adventures by country, in the drop down menu under Destinations.

We hope to undertake several “journeys” while we are area…they may be physical, they may be spiritual, they may be mental. Regardless, Journeys is a shortcut to these adventures, which might be a little more than just day-to-day travel.

Things We Like should be full of chocolatey goodness…if there is something we thing is awesome. That is where it will be! At this point, that includes tear-jerking motivational videos ripped from the hands of You Tube wherever possible, and a list of other awesome travel bloggers who have been an inspiration to us. But eventually it may also include some of the favourite meals we eat, and people we meet as well. Consider this the Entertainment section of our blog!

And of course, please….we are beggin you…send us an Email any time you want. Additionally, make sure that you leave us feedback, voice your opinion, or correct our spelling by leaving your comments on our individual posts….something like “Skott you ass – what a ridiculous story! You’re a bad speller!”, should be sufficient.

There are also a few other ways you can keep tabs on us. The RSS reader is a pretty cool tool. If you are not too familiar with it, here is a quick tutorial. Alternatively, if you want to enter your email address in the space entitled ‘Want Email Updates’, then every time something new is posted, it will be sent directly to you….nothing spammy about it, but stops you from having to visit every day – although we hate to admit it, we are pretty sure if have way more important things to do than hang around our website waiting to see what us two chimps are up to on a regular basis.

And finally there are all sort of widgets along the right-hand side….cool gimmicky things, at least we like them….these will let you see, exactly where in the world Skott & Shawna are, how long we have been travelling, as well as where all the people who read this blog our from. Cool, right? Maybe a little….???

And that is all, your “Introduction to Get Up and Globe“.

Much Love,

Shawna & Skott