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Travel Blogs

When we started to plan our RTW journey, we were shocked at how many people have done, were doing, or were planning on doing trips very similar to ours. We had so many questions, and these we just a smattering of the blogs we visited to find the answers. Enjoy….

  • 1000 Fights - Mike and Luci providing you with tons of travel ideas for couples
  • A Couple Travelers - Vicky and Dave are spending two years in Europe and Asia, beginning in September 2012
  • Backpack with Brock - Brock is back in Canada now, but he was one of the first RTW travellers we contacted. Seeing the world in HD video.
  • Bacon Is Magic - Ayngelina is living life with a different set of rules, and finding inspiration in Latin America
  • BootsnAll - A ton of cool travel articles here, plus one of the better travel forums out there.
  • Breakaway Backpacker - Jaime left Texas in early 2011, and promises to keep us intrigues with emotional, yet sometimes scandelous, stories of his travels.
  • Don't Ever Look Back - Amy and Kieron are an Aussie couple, beginning their long term travel adventure in Hawaii July 2011.
  • Go See Write - Michael is an attorney who left in December 2008 to circumnavigate the world without ever getting on an airplane. After 44 Countries, this man knows what he is talking about.
  • Hecktic Travels - No Possessions. No Plans. Just Travel. Another awesome Canadian couple, Dalene and Peter, helped us come to realize that house-sitting in Honduras, just may be the way to go.
  • Jack and Jill Travel The World - Jack n Jill left for their own around the world trip in April 2011, beginning in Colombia. Be sure to follow the misadventures of this very cool couple.
  • Married with Luggage - Warren and Betsy, are on a mission to redesign their lives. They realize that life is short, so you must live your dream.
  • Never Ending Voyage - Erin and Simon sold it all and left the UK in March 2010, and have been travelling ever since. Plus their blog reminds us of Peter Pan.
  • No Place To Be - Poi and Kristy left Enlagnd to travel South East Asia from August 2010 onwards....until they run out of money.
  • Nomadic Samuel - A plethora of killer pics and posts...miles away from the ordinary and dripping with sarcasm!
  • One Giant Step - Gillian and Jason left on their RTW trip in 2009. 14 countries wiser, they are itching to keep challenging themselves and live outside their comfort zones.
  • Pause The Moment - Ryan has done extensive travelling around the world, both as a soloist, and with his girlfriend, Liz. He's got sweet tips and stories for you - check 'em out!
  • Phil In The ____ - Phil is a camel drawing Jedi, and a huge advocate of West African food, culture, and music.
  • Positive World Travel - Ant and Elise, a wild and crazy Aussie couple on a mission to inspire, excite, and believe.
  • Round We Go - Ryan and Laura have recently returned to the United States after an incredible journey around the world. Now they have to figure out how to do it again.
  • So Many Places - Kim and Brian are hoping to sell their possessions, and leave the US to begin their journey in early 2012.
  • Traveled Earth - Mike and Ashley, who live only 40 minutes away from us in Saskatchewan, are the first couple we have actually met in person who are also travelling indefinately.
  • Uncornered Market - Audrey and Daniel are two American kids turned travel junkies. Over 4 years and 65 countries later, they are still travelling...and married.
  • Wandering Earl - Over 4,000 days and 70 countries, Earl is a pro with an incredible knack for story-telling.
  • Worldly Couple - Jackie and Jarrett - one more crazy Canuck couple getting into mischief all over the world.
  • Y Travel Blog - It's all about the memories for Caz and Craig, an Aussie couple who have proven that travelling with children is very possible.