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Cycling Italy Day 5-The Hunt for the Chocolate Croissant

July 24th-Riva Del Garda Rest Day!! 0 km

THEE very best chocolate croissant!!

Admittedly, there was a bit of over jubilation (perhaps more on my part) on the eve of my birthday so July 24th was a quiet day. It’s nice to have those once in a while anyways.

I had decided that for my birthday I would splurge and have one of the chocolate croissants that always look so amazing at the pastry shops.

In Italy there are Cafe & Pain shops everywhere with more types of baguettes, breads and pastries than I had ever thought possible. As a rule, I stay away from these shops all together, because once you’re inside, the smell alone is WAY too tempting. But I’ve always felt that to properly experience a place, you have to explore the food…especially in a place like Italy where food and long, drawn out meals are so much a part of the culture. So today was my day to splurge.

Unforunately, we didn’t realize that Sunday was a very slow day for everyone in Riva Del Garda so many of the shops were closed and the couple of cafes that we came across seemed to be serving yesterday’s pastries. We had to do a lot of walking through the windy Italian streets but finally we found a hopping Italian cafe with the most amazing looking chocolate croissant. All I can say is WOW!! So very worth it!

Top of the castle!

In the afternoon we did a hike up to a small castle that we had seen lit up on the side of the mountain the night before. It wasn’t too crazy of a climb and it brought us to a perfect, panoramic view of Riva Del Garda and it’s surroundings.

Overlooking Riva Del Garda

Borrowing the King's toilet at the castle...hope he doesn't mind!

In the evening we were able to use an internet connection at a nearby outdoor cafe to connect with my family and tell them all about my Italian birthday weekend. It’s so great to be able to keep in touch like that!

You will all totally laugh at our dinner choice…after walking along the streets and investigating several menus, we
realized that we still couldn’t get that spinach-ricotta cannelloni out of our minds and the small family run restaurant “La Cambusa”, with their backpacker friendly prices had won over our hearts.

Skotty spoiling me on my birthday!

The night was topped off with cookies and cream gelato and chocolate birthday cake so I certainly didn’t miss out
being away on my birthday
. The only thing missing was the candles, but I think the lights of the harbour even out did that.

Lights in the Riva harbour

A street performer plays with fire!

Thanks for an amazing birthday weekend in Riva Del Garda Enzo!!

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