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Cycling Italy Day 2: A Much Better Beginning

July 21 – Brunico to Bressanone, Italy (44kms)

Great way to start our morning!

We woke up early and stopped by a cafe before making our plans for the day. We were introduced to the best cappucinos we have ever tasted.

Shawna’s tire was again flat (I was happy that I wasn’t the only incompetant tire changer), but the sun was beaming, so we couldn’t be too upset. We stopped by the local bike shop and left it for him. Turns out there was a sharp rock or bone which had pierced the tire and in turn, the tube, which we hadn’t notced or looked for previously….oops!

While waiting for our bikes, we went to visit Verena, who was supposed to be our Couch Surfing host before Jakob. But we had trouble connecting with each other to tell her of our delay, and stayed with Jakob (who proudly referred to himself as Plan B). It was fantastic visiting with Verena…..she had even made us a cake, and bought us a bottle of wine from the region we were in (South Tyrol)! Thanks tons Verena for the hospitality…

Verena and Shawna

So far, we were being very well looked after in Italy. Compared to 24 hours earlier we were feeling so much better… amazing the difference a day makes. The terrain was again a wee bit hilly, but nothing our chariots or our quads couldn’t handle. Still an incredibe path, paved most of the way, with signposts at every junction to insure that even we did not get lost! We drove in silence most of the way, really trying to appreciate where we were. We passed through a handful of small Italian towns with the narrow cobbled streets, tons of life and warmth.

Around 5:00 we pedaled into Bressanone/Brixon (the towns in this region all seem to have an Italian and a German name… which seems bizarre, but you get used to it). We had just finished an short route through a few apple orchards and vineyards, and with the clouds starting to look like they may begin to release the rains, we thought we had better end on that high note. Bressanone was another bustling Italian village, population of about 10,000. We found our youth hostel, and had our own room and shower for only 44 euroa night!

Fortunatley for us, we arrived during a festival of some type, as there was lots of live music, and food vendors lining the narrow streets. Shawna and I spent some time people watching over a few glasses of wine, and then, exhausted, went to bed. We did briefly consider staying in Bressanone one more night, but we felt as though we were just beginning to get into a rhythm on our bikes, and really wanted to take the next step.

We had big plans for tomorrow!

Total Distance Cycled To Date – 117.2 kms

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