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Balancing the Global Budget: Morocco

It was an amazing six and a half weeks, but sadly we had to move on, leaving Morocco and heading south. There is no doubt that we were overwhelmed by Morocco and its culture. The food, the mosques, the riads, the camels, and the Sahara…but the more important question is…

Were we over budget?

As you know by know, our hope is that Shawna and I can travel this blue orb for the next year and a half for under $100 CDN per day. And I am happy to say that for the first time I am able to post that we did indeed stay under our budget!!!

We are using Budget Your Trip, as the site which keeps track of all our expenditures. Here is a look at our numbers:

Dollar to Dirham Conversion

$1 CDN = 8.00 dirham
1€ = 11.20 dirham

Morocco Spending

Total # of Days – 46
Total Dollars Spent (CDN) – $3,982.48
Daily Average (CDN) – $86.57 (or 62€)

Total Spending To Date

Total Dollars Spent (CDN) – $15,603.98
Daily Average (CDN) – $114.57 (or 82€)

The Lowdown

As always, our priority is to enjoy ourselves and take incredible experiences away from this trip. Sometimes these experiences come at a cost. I guess all we are saying is that we are not the world’s thriftiest backpackers, although we do try to be fiscally responsible wherever possible.

How Much CAN it cost??

Accomodation - In Morocco we paid anything between 80 dirhams per night (at our cockroach infested hotel in Dakhla) to 250 dirhams per night for rooms in beautiful riads in Meknes and Chefchouen. Truthfully if you are staying in a hostel, you should be able to get dorm beds for not much over 100 dirhams for two people. These should be decent places too (I mentioned Dakhla, but it was an exception, not the norm). Riads for the 250 dirhams mentioned above is pretty accurate. You definitely can spend more, but no need.

Food - You will see more than your share of tajines in Morocco, and if you like them that is great news, because they are cheap! A chicken or lamb tajine will usually work out to about 45 dirhams.

Alcohol - isn’t terribly cheap, and it isn’t all that easy to find. No big deal though, I just substituted the occasional beer with a freshly squeezed mango juice and I was happy. When you do find them, bottles of wine can range 40-80 dirhams and a beer is usually around 45 dirham.

Transport - Although train was our preferred method of transport, we were more than happy with the comfort and efficiency of both train and bus travel. Generally, you can account for about 10 dirhams per person per hour of travel. We thought this was more than affordable, which is fortunate because we put on a lot of kilometres in Morocco! Over 3,500kms from Tangier to Dakhla and everywhere in between!

I have been telling Shawna that as we move further and further into West Africa, we should continue to see our Average Daily Spend falling. Will I be right, or will we just end up blowing $100 per day on Mango Juice and camel rides???

And finally, we were recently interviewed by Bryan at Budget Your Trip, the awesome website which we use to keep track of our spending, so check it out if you are still looking for something to do before heading back to work.

Wanna hump?

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2 Responses to “Balancing the Global Budget: Morocco”

  1. Henk December 17, 2011 at 8:21 am #

    Hey Scott!

    Nice to read your posts! good info for me as a budget traveler!
    I Really liked Morocco, but hated the tajines!
    For me Morocco was the first country I visited in Africa.. Amazing how different the culture gets by just crossing the pond from Spain! I was definately overwhelmed aswell!
    Good luck on your travels, both of you.

    Henk recently posted..Into the Sahara


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