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About Skott and Shawna

It was spring 2008, and Shawna, having just returned from a six-month internship in Ghana was ready to get a “real job”. Sitting in the reception area of the local Regina radio station, nervously awaiting her interview, she noticed Tall, Dark, and Handsome walking past. Instantly googly-eyed, she hoped she would see him again soon.

She didn’t have to wait long…

Tall, Dark, and Handsome (aka Skott) noticed Shawna noticing him. Intrigued, he spun around and introduced himself to the potential new hire.

Shawna was indeed hired. Skott was indeed her mentor. And for the next couple years the two of them sold radio advertising, renovated their home(s), attended Folk Festivals and Mexican all-inclusive resorts, and generally just enjoyed each others’ company.

Skott proposed during a three day outdoor Dave Matthews concert in September 2009 and they were married in the Lumsden Valley under the Saskatchewan sun in July 2010.

The 4-1-1 on Skott

  1. I was actually born S-c-o-t-t, but for some unknown reason starting spelling my name S-k-o-t-t very early on in life. It is now legally changed, but I usually lie to people and tell them my parents spelled it this way since birth. It is just easier…PS. I hate it when people spell my name wrong…it’s just lazy on their part.
  2. I am not a picky eater, but I strongly dislike mushrooms. Mushrooms are fungus, and they are grown in poop. Nuff said.
  3. I really enjoy laundry, Scrabble, and list-making.
  4. My goal is to live to be 116 years old. I once read a stat that only one in one million (or was it billion?) people will live to be 116. If you are going to be a statistic, I’m cool with being that one.
  5. It is my dream to one day be able to say, “Let’s make it a true Daily Double, Alex.

The 4-1-1 on Shawna

  1. I got hooked on traveling after doing an exchange in Finland…loved the naked saunas, the Finlandia vodka, and the food…no wait, the food was awful!
  2. I stumbled into my radio career pretty randomly but that lead to meeting Skotty & getting married (though I remember the story a little differently than he explained above…pretty sure he was told I would “eat him alive” when he inquired about me after my interview).
  3. I love fitness & sports. I taught spin three times a week before we left & hope to find some way to stay in shape during the trip.
  4. I’m decently adventurous with food…I’ve actually eaten dog meat at my goodbye party in Ghana. (But don’t tell my miniature schnauzer, Toby, because he’ll never look at me the same).
  5. I am terrible with sayings & idioms and seem to always find a way to mix them up…it’s rather sad because English is indeed my first and only language. Skott thinks this is hilarious.