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About Get Up and Globe

Ladies and gentlemen – Welcome to Get Up & Globe!!!

Shawna and I are headed out to explore the world, starting in June 2011. It all began with us trying to determine where we should go on our honeymoon, and in the end, we decided ….everywhere!!

And so, ….GUAG for short, was born.

This site has three main purposes:

First and foremost, this travel blog is to act as our online journal. My memory is weak at the best of times, and so there is no way that we will be able to remember all the incredible (and not-so-incredible) moments that will make up our journey. When we are old and gray, Shawna and I will be able to sit back and reflect on the time we were taken in by the locals of Papa New Guinea, were forced to eat insects Singapore, or peed our pants on a 14 hour toilet-less bus trip through Central America.

Second, we have also developed this so that our family and friends (Hi Mom!) can keep tabs on us while we are away. I remember my first trip overseas (Australia 1996), the only way to keep in touch were the nuts expensive collect calls back home (yeah, that’s right…not even EMAIL!). This should allow everyone to be updated more frequently and stay connected for a lot less money. Additionally, this will help them to confirm that we are alive and well, as opposed to having been kidnapped by Colombian guerrillas…(or Colombian gorillas for that matter!)

And last but not least, we hope that this blog may serve as an inspiration and a resource for others who are currently travelling or planning on travelling in the near future. We have spent hours, days, and weeks stalking several other travel bloggers in preparation for our trip. For that, we are very grateful and hope that we can now in some small way pay it forward.

No matter who you are or how you tracked us down, we hope you will have as much fun venturing through this blog as we have had building it. It is meant to be interactive, so please do not hesitate to leave your comments. Subscribe to email updates or RSS feeds. And most importantly, visit often.

On a side note, it is important to recognize that as cool as this blog is, it definitely wasn’t done without substantial help from incredible people we have encountered online. Special thanks go out to:

Sheli Amdur was the winner of the logo design contest we hosted on 99 Designs. We love our suitcase!

Jack and Jill, are fellow RTW travel bloggers who have acted as mentors for us during the majority of the design of this site – if we do meet up with them on the road, we owe them many many beers!

Much love,

Shawna & Skott